Access Control for Developers   


Build and deploy your own Access Control system. Programmable hardware, packed with features.
ESP32 + NFC = ❤️

Access Pro

The single board solution built around the ESP32 microcontroller, for all your access control needs. 

  • Access Control
    Read NFC tags to open doors with electric strikes (integrated 12V relay) or motors (toggle GND). A second board can be used as an antenna for enhanced security.
  • Garage Door Opener
    BLE or WiFi can be used to remotely to trigger an external relay for higher voltages. Use a magnetic contact switch to monitor when the garage was opened.
  • Time-Tracking
    Use the integrated NFC antenna and real time clock to check in or out by triggering an API call to a remote server. 

And more: monitor temperature and humidity, control lights or heating depending on weather or time of day, use for irrigation, trigger audible alerts, write NFC tags, attach fingerprint reader etc.

Microcontroller ESP32-WROOM-32E 8MB
Connectivity BLE 4.2 & WiFi 2.4Ghz
NFC Chip NXP MFRC522 13.56MHZ
SHTC3 Temperature & Humidity
73mm x 64mm x 9mm
LED Blue / Green LED
Audio Piezo
Time RTC MCP7940
Port Micro USB
IO 5V output, GND
2 pins from ESP32 (IO33, IO26)
HS (12V / Input Voltage)
LS (ground toggle)
+ (8-18V) / -

The mission

To create easily programmable hardware, capable of a wide range of real-world applications.

Reliable  Hardware

Designed for operating temperatures between -20℃ and 80℃ with only high quality components throughout.

No logs, zero telemetry

You control the entire stack, no network calls to any servers, no exception. You can create an offline-only device. It's your choice.

100% self-funded

Access Pro was built and deployed out of internal necessity. All software is created in-house too.

Open for coding.

Use Arduino IDE, ESP-IDF, platformIO, Visual Studio Code and more to program Access Pro via USB.

 Attach peripherals: magnetic contact switches, 240V relays, sensors, external antennas, link two boards with a bus, etc.

 Create an app to communicate via BLE and open doors (or garages) wirelessly.

 Use many different NFC Tags: stickers, cards, key-fobs and wristbands; Anything with MFRC522 compatibility.

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Get Access Pro

We're currently looking for a distributor to help us get the boards in the hands of as many interested developers as possible. If you are able to purchase through a business (B2B), we're able to send you Access Pro boards - please send us an email.

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